Keep it moving.

Do you like things that animate within an app? During a few of the online seminars I’ve delivered, I posed that question. It seems a vast majority of people do like some simple and quick animations. However, there are hold outs who just want the content loaded fast and have a plain look.

Personally, I like to have some subtle effects within the app. The key word is subtle. I don’t want you to notice the effect. For example, a number of years ago, a certain university that is adjacent to Canadore produced a CD. It looked nice. When the main menu came in, there was this three second pixel dissolve. It looked kind of neat as something like that only showed up in Powerpoint presentations. However, when you selected a menu item, there was a three second effect. You also got the same three second effect when you finished a section and came back. After four clicks, I was done.

If that same app had a half second cross dissolve (or segue) that wouldn’t bother me. It’s a nice effect and I don’t feel like it’s wasting my time. The reason I like to put animations and fades into my app is:

  • Reduces eye fatigue by not having things always pop in
  • Add juice to the app
  • Shows there was extra effort put into building the app
  • Entertains the eye during the transition

So based on experience, a majority of people do like subtle effects and transitions. Do you? I think it would also be good to talk about what NOT to do with effects (3 second dissolves).  I’d love to hear your thoughts on effects in your app and your reasons for your thoughts.

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