New Projects

I’m a full-time professor. I make my living teaching and training (there’s a difference) people. I’ve jokingly said under my breath:

One of the best things about being a professor is helping students for a great sum of money.

In case you missed the prelude – I’M JOKING. I don’t make a “great” sum of money.

In the field on eLearning, mLearning, media and development, things tend to change very quickly. If all I did was teach, then I would be doing my students a disservice. I need to get out in the real world and develop my own apps. I need to build web sites for clients. I need to feel the pressure of building something with a looming deadline hanging over my head. I need to push myself to learn new and better ways of building things. I need to not only learn new development skills with current market tools but also learn how to cope when feeling tired and demotivated. I need to find ways to work through technical and mental problems. Basically, I put myself in the seat of my students so I can empathize with them. Not only do I bring in some real world skills and scenarios into the classroom, I can also help them get through the difficult times – especially when motivation is low.

In saying all that, I’m working on an app that should be done by the end of April. Nothing too glamours about this app. It’s pretty straight forward but motivation will be an issue. Looking forward to seeing what I learn. On the horizon, I do have another project that I’m really looking forward to. This is a personal project so there’s no client. I’m very excited about this project but I have to put first-things-first. So, let me wrap up the school year and then early May, I get to start on my new project. I’m so looking forward to this project.

As I approach the time to start this project, I’m going to want to get your thoughts and input on the project. I’m hoping that you will be available for me to bounce a few ideas off you. So, are you in?

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3 Responses to New Projects

  1. akanja says:

    Sure. I’m in. 🙂

  2. kevin DeMara says:

    Hey Phil. Interesting blog post. I like to see that you talk the talk AND walk the walk. Like you sometimes say, “I won’t make my students do anything I wouldn’t do”.
    I tend to be most excited about doing personal projects for myself as opposed to working for clients, so I understand your point here. I also seem to work best solo, which may be a downfall.. but productivity seems to always skyrocket when I’m working alone in a quiet environment.
    My questions for you are:
    1) What is this secret project of yours that is just around the corner?
    2) Are you going to be working with a team or solo?
    3) If this project is not for a client, do you plan on monetizing it in order to cover the time you put into it?
    Talk soon,


  3. canadianpacman says:

    Hey Kev. I’m not ready to go public yet with the project. I should be ready sometime in May to talk about the specifics. I’m working on this with a lot help from Krista. Her and I are going to share in the work. We are planning on monetizing on this project. A lot of what we are talking about in class is what we are going to be doing. We haven’t even touched the keyboard yet in the way of development but we are already planning the marketing. Lots more news coming out soon. We are having a hard time focusing on finishing off the school year as we both want to work on this new project. Oh, we also have an app for another client that we have to finish off first.

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