Back At It

Well it’s been a while since I posted a blog. Those that know me, know that I would not ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.  Because we’ve given our Mobile Application Development the task of writing up to five blogs, I’ve decided to join in the writing as well.  So here we go.

So, why do we have students blogging? Why is it important to blog? The blogging is part of the marketing course we have in the Mobile Application Development program. This course focuses on marketing your apps as well as yourself as a developer. We talked a bit last week about effectively using social media to promote your app without getting flamed. We are also hoping to get students to blog about their apps and get other people to read about it. We want to use the blog post as a method of connecting with people who may download and use their apps. A blog can also be effectively to help users get excited about an app or product. The reader will be able to get some inside information  on an app from the author. I find it interesting when I get some inside information on the future version of an application from a large company whose software I use daily.

One of the students submitted their blog early and it was very well written. It’s so good to see passion from the students.

So, what are your thoughts on blogging? Do you see advantages to blogging about apps? Do you read blogs? If you do, do you take time to comment on these blogs? It would be interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on blogging.

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