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I have the wonderful privilege of teaching Canada’s first post-graduate program that is dedicated solely on building mobile application. We build web applications as well as Playbook, Android and iOS native applications. As you can appreciate there are a number of challenges but I can’t think of anything more that I’d rather be doing. I’m so blessed to have a small group of wonderful students. It is so exciting when I see them “get it” and it inspires me to want to do more with them.

Starting this week, I’ve asked each student to start participating more actively in the Social Media front. One of the big parts of what they have to do is blog. Each student needs to start blogging at least once a week. App development is only part of the game. Marketing your app and yourself is a huge part.

So, I’m looking forward to reading their blogs for the next six weeks. I would hope that they enjoy their experience.

If you could pass along advice on writing an effective blog, what would it be? Please share your comments and thoughts with these new app developers.

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