Two Bite Brownies = Mobile Learning

While attending the recent mLearnCon in San Jose, one of the keynote speakers mentioned that mLearning needs to be in smaller bite sized pieces. He said rather than serving steak, we need to serve shish-kabob. I leaned forward and shared with a friend that mLearning should actually be more like two bite brownies. They are a positive experience and after eating one, you want more. Can we do that with mLearning? While challenging, there are ways that we can make mLearning more positive. This will be something for future blogs.


There is something to be said about learning momentum. Don’t always be too quick to make all your mobile training short. There are times when the training just needs to reach out and touch you and there are times when training needs to provide you with more depth. It sometimes takes time to get people into a learning mode. Learning isn’t always something that can be turned on with the push of the power button. Once a learner is in a learning mode, they may be ready for more training. How do you do something like this? It could be something as simple as an automated bookmarking technique that tracks the user. Allow the user to start and stop when they like. The next time they login, give them the option of picking up where they left off.

For example; I’m developing a new online learning course for a client this summer. One of the things that I hope to incorporate is something that you commonly see on television shows. Anyone who watched the TV series “24” will recall that each show started off with “Previously, on 24…” then you had a video montage of some of the key points to get you up to speed.  I’m hoping to do the same thing with the new training course I’m building. When a person logs back in, it will say something along the lines of “In your previous session, you learned about …” The learner would be able to click and review the highlights of the material from the pop-up dialog box before heading off into new material.

What are your thoughts? What can you do to make mLearning more enjoyable and leave the learner wanting more? What other techniques have you seen that help learners recall previous material?

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