Bill Gates said Best Learning will be Online within 5 Years

“In five years the best education will come from the Web.” This is a very broad statement which has some truth in it. Content online will continue to improve. But will the best education experience be online within five years? I have my doubts there. First of all, Mr. Gates did correctly identify that he is talking about post-secondary and not K-12. For kids that are being home schooled, the Internet and the online tools are a God send. It will improve their education.

There are a number of post-secondary schools that are going more and more online or are already virtual. Does this mean the experience is better than place-based learning? Well, as Mr. Gates’ statement suggest, he thinks it will. Personally, I think it depends on the person and also what they are studying. I have a hard time believing taking part in a “canned” online course will be better than a well delivered place-based learning activity. It’s very easy to say that not all professor’s know how to teach. True, but I think it’s also safe to say that not all online courses are well designed. When you compare a good online learning experience to a good classroom professor, I think the professor will give you the better education experience.  Personally, I’ve never hear anyone applaud after they finished an online activity. I’ve heard applauds in the class though.

Saying that online will be better than the classroom experience would also have to assume faculty won’t change what they do in class and won’t attempt to improve how they teach/facilitate.  With better online content you’ll see more of that content coming into the classroom and the professor facilitate the learning using these tools.

There is so much more that could be added here.  I’ll look to rant on this later. Just remember, the guy that said “In five years the best education will come from the Web” is the same guy that thought 640K of RAM would be enough for anyone.

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3 Responses to Bill Gates said Best Learning will be Online within 5 Years

  1. crudbasher says:

    Welcome to blogging Phil! I can see already that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. That’s great! heh The more people who speak up, the more change in education we will see. As Sir Ken Robinson said “If you aren’t prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original”. Good luck!

  2. canadianpacman says:

    Thanks for the kind words Crudbasher. I’ve actually had the account open for about three years but I haven’t done anything with it. I hope to post on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

  3. Adam G says:

    Interesting insight into e-learning. The question I am thinking about is: Will the best teachers convert over to e-learning and force the rest of us to go online to find quality teaching? I would hate to loose you as an in class teacher Phil. (That was a compliment and fact combined.)

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